Whatever Mac you currently use there's a good chance you may have been tempted to 'upgrade'.

If you are lucky you go to the Apple Store and click "Buy Now", if however, you are not in the market for brand spanking new...

I can help you secure the upgrade you want. If you need me to, I will even steer you through the eBay maze at virtually zero risk.

If you prefer I will do it all for you. Set a budget and a wishlist and I will return with the goods within a week.

Once the 'new car is in the garage' I will take care of the setup and configuration.

Most often I will clone your existing Mac to the new one so that there is no change in your data at all.

It may be that a laptop would add value to your Mac use. A faster Mac could make the web a friendlier place.

A Powermac was a great machine but the Mac Pro is an amazing piece of equipment that might be wild to upgrade to.

Used to have an iBook, that's great but maybe i5 or i7 speed with a Macbook, Air or Pro might enhance your Maccing ;-)

Have you been converted to Apple TV yet?