Local Apple Mac expert ‘Apple Allen’ will come to you.

Seven days a week, morning, noon or night (if you are in deep do do)

Whatever you need; a repair, an upgrade, advice, support, training or just ‘help’.

It may sound like a boast but Allen has never failed to resolve an Apple problem.

You will have individual attention and guidance, even training.

Whether you are new to Mac or trying to master the latest pro software.

Please feel free to have a look round the site, then come back here,

download my card below (or use an old QR code scanner :-)

and give me a call.


Screen Shot 2012-09-29 at 13.02.57

Download my visiting card

or use QR code

iPhone 07515 383973

For the fastest response please mail me from the email link at the bottom of any page 👍🏻

"I tell everyone about Apple Allen.  That is how happy I have been with his services.

He is always there to help, especially when he can tell I’ve hit a crisis point.

He sorts everything first time, meaning my downtime is minimised.

I am grateful for having found his services." 

Kim Moore